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We know of two different forms of guanine on our Xiphophorus cultivated forms.


Once the planar guanine to observe the "hamburger" swordtails, and later with the "GlowLight" color varieties.


And, on the scales very finely divided guanine, which probably has the same origin as the guanine of the wild forms of Xiphophoriden.
In the German-speaking world it was described for the first time on the Alpha swordtails so-called.

The character of the Alpha swordtail results but more through its distribution black markings on the scales.
Nevertheless, the Alpha swordtail was originally called "Blue sword" and found it in the standards detail.

The "Blue" was created by the reflection of the fine verteiltte guanine on the scales of green / gray swordtails.

Guanine-gloss is inherited dominantly.