Alles über die Gattung Xiphophorus
Here in Germany most people assume the Swordtails are all of the same heritage, both the Simpson-, Highfin-, Delta- and Fantails. It is assumed, that all of the long finned types have the same type of breeding composition and that they will produce "overextended and incised" fins when paired with Lyretail Swordtails. Therefore the following pictures might be something of a revelation.




There have been proper Highfin Lyre-helleris before - Gordon has showed us pictures of them dozens of years and Roy Levine does so today on his homepage - but here they come in combination with King-lyretail. Due to the fact that we have to work with heterozygote animals and that we can only produce male King-lyretails, we will theoretically only have 6% visually recognizable King-lyretails within a batch. The parental generation is a Highfin female and a King-lyretail male.

I exhibited these animals for the first time at the CAGD on the December 4 in Leun:

Text by Rainer, Monday December 06, 2010
Translation by Christina G

Highfin King lyretail - Königslyra mit Hi-Fin